Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

Types of social network sites, what they do and how professionals are using these sites.


Facebook is basic on the relationship in the real life (at least at the beginning of the this social network). Once people become friends on the website they can view their friends schedule and notifications. People can share their opinions and stories with others. The website encourage people use real identity. Professionals can put their opinions on the website to self- promotion. Also share and discuss with other  professionals in their area. Those behaviors can help them built their brand image. And because the users are real identity, it is easy for job recruiters to look for potential job candidates on Facebook

Linkedin is a professional networking used for business. Its built a connect between people who want to connect with others on the purpose of career rather than entertainment. So it is all about professorial relationship with people in their relative area. Therefore it is a ideal website to built brand image, people share professional in formations and opinions at linkedin. Many business look for job candidates on linkedin, because there are many job background information in uesrs’ profile.

Myspace is basically entertainment  networking. But people can still built their brand on it. Because people focus on different information, a professional person can offer his opinions on his area and share with others in order to built his brand. However since is has less professional background like linkedin, job recruiters are not likely to find potential job candidates on myspace

Twitter is a microblogging networking. Information in twitter is always short because every blog must less than 140 words. Also the content is always entertainment. But people can find almost twists in almost every area and since there are a lot of users on twitter, it is a good choice to built brand image, especially when people have many followers on twitter, they can have a lot influence on the Internet.

Digg is networking to share news. Users can share links to Digg and they can  vote web content up or down, which is called digging and burying, People can represent their opinion and attitude on social news in order to built their brand.



How professionals use social networking tools for self-promotion/self-marketing

Social networking allow people built their professional brand. They can share their attitude and opinions on social topic. And people can follow the person who they agreed with and they can also connect with people in the same area to share information and discuss professional topic.  The job recruiters may pay attention to those people who have more influence and profound opinion of professional topic. Sometime there are sufficient information about the candidates on the networking , which help the job recruiter understand the person easier and in detail. Therefore sometime looking for candidates on networking is an efficient way, it depends on the purpose of the website. LinkedIn is better than myspace ,because it is more professional and detail. In terms of background imformation.


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